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Andrea's Journal
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Date:2006-11-16 00:43
Mood: creative

i am trying to fix five million things in my life currently.
starting with all the holes in all the walls in all of my house.
i am covered in spackle.

this weekend i begin painting over every single white wall.

renovating the house and my life at the same time.

how productive!


Date:2006-10-24 23:35

Give me just a second and I'll be alright.
Surely one more moment couldn't break my heart.
Give me 'til tomorrow then I'll be okay.


Date:2006-10-01 15:35
Mood: contemplative

i know a lot of people get spring fever
and they want to be with someone when the sun starts coming out and
it's warm outside.

but i'm the opposite...

i get autumn fever.
and i like to be with someone when the leaves change colors
and you smell wood burning and the weather turns cold
so you have to hold each other to stay warm.

all of my relationships have begun in the autumn.
and now two years in a row i am alone in autumn.
and it makes me sad.

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Date:2006-09-28 10:37

when i was in second grade, i was the only one in my class that knew how to spell "thermometer."


Date:2006-09-24 16:06

what i don't understand is why
it takes so long to pick yourself up
from something that you fell into so quickly.


Date:2006-09-24 16:05

oh, it's taking too long...
i could be wrong, i could be ready.
oh but if i take my heart's advice, i should assume
it's still unsteady. i'm never really ready.
i'm in repair. i'm not together, but i'm getting there.


Date:2006-09-14 08:28

also, last night i had a dream that i was running.
just running and running and running.
and all my friends were there
and everyone was amazed by how far i was running.
i didn't slow down, i just kept running!

and then i stepped on a pricker bush and cried and i was done running.

what does this mean?


Date:2006-09-14 08:17

one thing i learned this summer:
don't repeat chapters. the story never changes.

someday, hopefully soon, i will find a boy that is worth it all.

until then, i guess i'm just learning from my mistakes,
trying to grow into the person i want to become,
and not wasting my time loving someone that never loved me.

but it's not this "poor me" thing.
i love my friends, i love my family
i love my job, i love my classes
the one thing missing from my life is not something
that is meant to come easily.
i'll just wait :)

there's this quote from a song that i love:
"i don't need another half to make me whole."

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Date:2006-09-12 19:33

i really think my mom likes my brother more.

reason #486: she ditched our plans to make dinner together tonight and went to johnny's spaghetti dinner and didn't even call to tell me she wouldn't be home to have dinner together. then i called her and she said "i'm sorrrry" like she thought it was funny.

it's really not funny....... she loves him more.

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Date:2006-09-03 13:43

i have no room in my life for half ass friends.
i'm starting to realize that some of my friends are exactly that.

but life is short and i'm not going to waste my time
trying to fill the void. i'm over it.

(on the other hand... the rest of my friends
are amazing. and i am sad that everyone has left -
or is going to leave this week - while i am stuck
in glastonbury. yuck...)

that's it. peace.

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Date:2006-08-31 20:29

she said, "don't, don't let it go to your head.
boys like you are a dime a dozen.
boys like you are a dime a dozen."
she said, "you're a touch over-rated.
you're a lush, and i hate it."
but these grass stains on my knees,
they won't mean a thing.

and all i need to know is that
i'm something you'll be missing.
(all i need to know is that i'm
something you'll miss. it's pathetic.)

well maybe i should hate you for this
never really did ever quite get that far.

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Date:2006-08-29 14:45

i think maybe some people are flattered when they are copied.

i am not one of those people.

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Date:2006-08-28 21:52

i can't do everything by myself anymore.


Date:2006-08-26 15:54
Mood: happy

went to saratoga last night to see john mayer and sheryl crow with jackie.
awesome show. got shitfaced with jackie when everyone else was pretty much sober minus a few guys that got arrested for smoking a bowl in the concert...

but we had fun. and saratoga is beautiful and i want to go live there now. kthnx

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Date:2006-08-20 13:48
Mood: blah

last night was just a mess in general.

picking up my CARRRR today! so excited after not having it for two whole weeks.

i miss cait.

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Date:2006-08-08 07:38
Mood: sick

i think

i might have



shoot me.

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Date:2006-07-16 20:01
Mood: tired

let me just say this....
guys from new hampshire are hot. all rugged and manly.
guys from connecticut have nothing on them.

i went up there last night for brittany's going away party, which was actually today but my mom wanted to spend some time up there. on the way up, she's like, well i guess you're gonna go play beer pong at will's house tonight and sleep there. so random.
so i went to brittany's boyfriend's house for her REAL going away party last night and played pong outside on his front lawn with these HOT boys and got shitty with my cousins and my brother.
i was in the middle of a game and who shows up but my mom, my aunt, and my GRANDMA. so my aunt starts challenging all the boys to chugging contests, my mom comes and take a few celebrity shots in our game, and my grandma cracks open a keystone. weirdest half hour of my LIFE.


Date:2006-07-14 17:51

leigh and i have been friends (good friends) since 2nd grade.
we used to play dolls and store in her bedroom.

well, i guess we're all growing up, huh?

congratulations to leigh. she's getting married tomorrow.
i love you, weewee! <3


Date:2006-07-11 20:49
Mood: lethargic

i woke up sick
really sick
i never get sick like that

i wanted to call out of work
but i just took all that time off
so i didn't want to push my luck

made it through the day
got my broken nails fixed
came home and showered
then laid in bed reading since we had no cable from the storm
finished my book
it wasn't very good

got up some energy
went to barnes and noble to buy a new book
grabbed dinner
got back in my bed with my book and my dinner

then i finally made myself get up for a little bit
so here i am.

funny thing is,
i don't think i'm physically sick
i mean, i feel physically sick
but i think it's just because i feel sick
love sick, i guess.

i'm a miserable mess.


Date:2006-07-09 22:29
Subject:i want to go back. now.
Mood: lonely

home from maine

didn't we just leave? ugh.

blurriest 4 days of my fucking life.

thursday was my birthday. went to breakfast with kara then picked the boys up. grabbed lunch. packed the car. smoked. the boys made me a drink. we boozed the whole way up.

got to maine, got wasted. went to dinner.
we were so fucked up we couldn't even talk to each other at the restaurant.

basically, it was a great birthay.

spent the rest of the weekend either on the couch or on the porch smoking and drinking. slept in my nice big bed with the ghosts. watched the movie "waiting" like 500 times. the boys "goated" each other all weekend. if you've seen the movie, you understand.

played some sender. alex made the boys pan-ca-kes! played some checkers & some football. went shopping. invented a new delicious drink (sierra mist and triple sec). got the worst sunburn everrrrr today.

it was a pretty good time :)
now i'm home with my momma and i have the day off tomorrow so i'm going to sleep in and enjoy a ghost-free night of sleep.

except i'll kinda miss laying in my bed yelling, "great!"

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